Sofar Sounds and Tour Thank You's

Hey Y'all

After having just left the road from the "Said & Done" tour, I am so happy to say it was a great success. I cannot thank everyone enough for participating and being apart of it. Special thanks to Schuyler Grant and Will McDonough for hitting the road with me, Kristen Hill and Ellie Pate for organizing everything, Curtis Stith for being a great new pal, and all the folks we met while in the south. Every time I head below the Mason Dixon line I feel as if I am home again. That's all due to the wonderful people I have met along the way. Thank you for making every mile worth while (yes I rhymed that on purpose, no I'm not ashamed).

I also want to say thank you to Sofar Sounds for recording a session with my band and I in New York City. The video (for my song "Someday") has already gathered some great response. If you haven't seen it already, please head over to the YouTube link here and give it a listen (I also do a little dancing too so be on the look out). 

August looks to be a quiet month for me as I plan on sitting down to work on my next record. So much has happened in the last few months that I'm happy to finally have the chance to write a few more tunes to share with y'all. Things are already sounding great, so be on the look out for demo versions of the songs on my Instagram page: @StephenBMusic. Stay tuned...I'm excited for the fall y'all (I'm a rhyming machine, I know).

Thanks for listening