Hey Y'all

So "Said & Done" is finally up and available all over, including iTunes, AmazonGoogle PlayBandcamp and Spotify. I cannot begin to thank everyone who made this album a reality. From all those who donated on Indie GoGo, my family, my friends, and you wonderful fans, y'all made this dream of mine come true.

I want to personally thank Cody Rahn, Mor Mezrich, Alex Minier, Jeff McLaughlin, Andrew Miramonti, Amy Jay, Danny Rose, Justin Colletti, and Ben O'Brien Smith for being apart of the production of this record. You guys have been there since day one, so that just goes to show how much you believed in the music you helped create.

To my family and friends, you have supported me since my first shows in New Hartford, NY all the way up to this past weekend at Rockwood Music Hall. You stood by while I learned how to be a true songwriter. You dusted me off after my defeats and celebrated with me after each win. For that I am forever grateful.

For every single person who has been a fan of my music, I truly thank you. By purchasing my music and coming to shows, you make this all worth while. You make my dreams come true and I'll always love every single one of you for that.

So there it's been "Said & Done" (I had to use the pun I'm sorry). Please go check out the record, share it with a friend, and let me know your thoughts. Be on the look out for more shows in the future, and as always...

Thanks for listening