Recording Update #4

Hey Y'all

Back at it again this month! This time the electric guitar and vocals are being tracked! I'm really excited because this is the final "main step", before we add on bells and whistles to the record. Songs are really shaping up well and it looks like the release will be 8 to 9 tracks long. 

With the vocals and electric guitar I am really trying to keep that "live" feel that I have at shows, but still give the record a polished exterior. I want you, the listener, to really feel wrapped in the songs without being overcome or swallowed by production. I hope that comes across when it finally gets out to y'all!

Each and every day I get more and more excited for this release. I hope y'all are as ready for it as I am.

By the way, I should announce that the band and I will be playing a show at Rockwood Music Hall, Saturday, May 23rd at 8PM. The address is 196 Allen Street, New York, NY and the Facebook event can be found here

As always...

Thanks for listening