Recording Update #3

Hey Y'all,

Back again this month with another update for you! The drums and bass are all done on the record and sound really great. I have begun working on guitar parts and it's been a exciting challenge for me. Sitting down with the songs I wrote at various points over the last few years has been so interesting. Some songs still have the same meanings as years ago, but some have completely changed. The people the songs were about have floated in and out of my life too, so it gives a new understanding of what I was originally trying to say (or if it still holds up at all). The process of really diving head first into old (and even new) songs has been insightful and exciting.

I have never been the greatest studio guitar player, I'll admit that . The studio takes away a lot of the random excitement I get from playing live. That being said, I am looking at my time recording guitar for this release as a chance to bring some of that "live show excitement" to things. A chance to bring in that "up and down flow" that makes live music amazing. I want to make this record feel controlled and reckless, quiet and loud, timid and bold, all at the same time. 

So there's my little insight for you on what's going on up in my head. Wish me luck as I continue tackling what is my best record yet.

Thanks for listening