Born and raised in Upstate New York, Stephen Babcock is a songwriter all his own. Born to a family of 4 children (including a twin brother), Stephen has always used music to create his personal identity. After acquiring a love of songwriting from both his father (an avid piano player) and older brother (an avid music fan), Stephen began writing songs as early as 13 years old.

After eight years of writing, touring and perfecting his craft, Stephen began recording what would become his first album, “Said & Done”. The album became a mixture of youth and promise that helped begin Stephen’s career as a singer-songwriter.

Quickly following the release of “Said & Done”, Stephen immediately began touring the United States and broadening his musical horizons out on the road. From countless stages across the country, to various Nashville writer’s rooms, Stephen has left both music fans and industry veterans looking for more. After embracing his Carolina family roots and a love of Americana music, Stephen released the critically acclaimed E.P. “Fiction” in April 2018. Finding his voice (and some new fans along he way), Stephen’s unique blend of Americana, southern rock, and indie folk helped establish him as a PASTe Magazine favorite in 2018.

 After spending the last three years on and off the road, hours of writing in New York and Nashville, and gathering significant media buzz, Stephen is set to release a bundle of new singles in 2019. His first, “Fight I Need”, released on June 28th, with the second, "Devil" set to release September 13th. From simple beginnings to a promising songwriter; Stephen Babcock has become a name to watch in music.